CER Information

CER of Upper Deerfield Township
1373 Highway 77, Seabrook, NJ 08302
Tel: 856-455-2267 ext. 4103

   After-School Childcare

  • Who?

    • Available to Pre-Kindergarten(4) through 8th grade students attending Upper Deerfield Township Schools

  • What?

    • After-School Childcare

  • Where?

    • Seabrook School

  • When?

    • After school until 6pm

  • Why?

    • Provide a safe environment for  students after school

  • How much?

    • $240.00 per child for full-month

    • $19.00 per child per school day

Daily Opportunities

  • Center Activities: board games, art activities, building blocks, etc.

  • Directed Play: basketball, kickball,  jump-ropes, etc.

  • Free Play

  • Snack provided

  • Homework Completion  (CER is not responsible for homework)


Registration forms are available at your student’s school office.
Click below to print registration forms.

Drop-off or mail completed form to CER.

 CER does not accept financial assistance from Rutgers Southern Regional Child Care Resources.