June 26, 2023 
Deerfield Township School District 
1385 State Hwy. 77 
Seabrook, NJ 08302 

Dear Parents in our Upper Deerfield Township School District Community, 

Our school system is committed to protecting student, teacher, and staff health. To protect our community and be in compliance with the Department of Education regulations, we tested our schools' drinking water for lead. 

In accordance with the Department of Education regulations, the Seabrook implemented remedial measures for any drinking water outlet with a result greater than the action level of 15 pg/l (parts per billion [ppb]). This includes turning off the outlet unless it is determined the location must remain on for non-drinking purposes. In these cases, a "DO NOT DRINK - SAFE FOR HANDWASHING ONLY" sign will be posted. 

Results of our Testing 

Following instructions given in technical guidance developed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, we completed a plumbing profile for each of the buildings within our Upper Deerfield Township School District. Through this effort, we identified and tested all drinking water and food preparation outlets. Of the 122 tested water samples taken among our three schools, 117 tested below the lead action level established by the US Environmental Protection Agency for lead in drinking water (15 gg/l [ppb]) with the remaining 5 (five) testing above this level. 

The tables posted on the website identifies the drinking water outlets that tested above the 15 gg/l for lead, the actual lead level, and what temporary remedial action our Upper Deerfield Township School District has taken to reduce the levels of lead at these locations. Of the 122 samples collected, only five (5) samples had levels above the 15 gg/l [ppb]. These areas had new filters installed to remediate the issue and were all from Seabrook School. None of the samples from the Moore School or Woodruff School tested above the threshold. 

Peter L. Koza, Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools